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Animals in Canberra

Below you will find information about animal policies in the Australian Capital Territory to ensure your experience as a pet owner remains hassle free.

Pet Ambulance Services: 303 Southern Cross Dr Holt, ACT 2615 | Phone: (02) 6254 0547

Cat policy in Canberra

Cat policy aims to balance the rights of domestic cats as well as ensuring that cats are responsibly owned so they don't damage the community and environment.

It is not necessary to register your cat as they do not pose any health or safety threats to humans.

Cats need to wear identification in the form of a collar and tag that displays the owner's contact number or address so they can be returned to their owner if found. From 1 May 2008 all ACT cats need to be Microchipped.

Additionally, if your cat is born after 21 June 2001 it is compulsory that you have your cat de-sexed unless you apply for a 'Permit to Keep a Sexually Entire Animal'. You can contact Domestic Animals Services to obtain a permit. If your cat is born before 21 June 2001 you do not have to de-sex your cat.

Dog policy in Canberra

Dog policies promote the responsible ownership of dogs. The policy aims to protect the rights of dogs as well as balance the rights and needs of others in the community.

It is compulsory to register dogs over eight weeks of age. Dogs are to wear their registration details in the form of an original registration tag throughout the dog's life.

You can obtain a registration form from Canberra Connect Shopfronts, Domestic Animal Services and online at

From 1 May 2008 it is compulsory to Microchip your dog at point of sale in the ACT. All dogs are required to be microchipped in the ACT by 30 April 2011.

If your dog was born on or after 21 June 2001 it is required to be de-sexed unless you own a 'Permit to Keep a Sexually Entire Animal' from the Domestic Animal Services.

Dogs in public places

Dogs must be walked on a lead in public spaces under the control of a competent person in a designated dog exercise area.

It is an offence not to remove any dog droppings in public places. It is also an offence to not carry appropriate equipment to pick up your dogs droppings.

Keeping four or more dogs

You can only keep four or more dogs may only be kept if you apply for a Multiple Dog Licence from Domestic Animal Services. The company will carry out an assessment to decide whether the licence will be granted to the applicant.

If you are experiencing any dog nuisances or would like further information about dog policies in the ACT, you can contact the Domestic Animal Services.


Organisation:Domestic Animal Services

Street Address:Mugga Lane, Symonston ACT 2609

Business Hours Contact Number: 13 22 81

After Hours Contact Number:13 22 81

Facsimile:02 6207 2252

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