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Community Facts

Whether you are living in Canberra or thinking of visiting the nation's capital, we have compiled a list of useful community facts in and around the Canberra region for you to use.

Most importantly, incase of an emergency we have put together a list of Canberra hospital, police, ambulance and fire brigade contacts for you to use if you ever need them.

You can also find out what schools are most suited to your children's needs using our directory.

Use our site to gain comprehensive insight into schools in and around Canberra.

If you are a pet owner or are thinking of becoming one, you can use our Canberra pet directory for pet services and also find out more information about pet-owning policies relating to pets that are cats and dogs.

Whatever you need to know about living in staying in Canberra, you can find it here on our site.

  • Animals- pets and strays. Information about animal policies in the Australian Capital Territory to ensure your experience as a pet owner remains hassle free.

  • Emergency Services - A list of who to call and their contact details incase of an emergency.

  • Schools in Canberra - A list of schools in and around the Canberra region.
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