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Canberra's Two Landmark Buildings Need Popularity Boosted

Tuesday April 7, 2009

The ACT Government have put $100,000 into a planning study to grow the popularity of Canberra city centre's Sydney and Melbourne buildings, which allegedly do not spark enough interest in those passing by them.

The planning study of the landmarks is being managed by Canberra CBD Limited, the not-for-profit company administering the marketing and improvements levy for the city.

The Canberra landmarks will be studied to try and get more visitors and locals to enter the buildings. In addition, the government says it will invest $2million annually to upgrade Canberra's CBD such as building new paving and street furniture.

ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said the planning study would concentrate at allowing some of the laneways around the Canberra landmarks to have Melbourne-style cafes and bars.

"It'll look at how we might revitalise those buildings and essentially reshape their future,'' he told The Canberra Times.

"There is a real interest in the sorts of planning outcomes that have been achieved in the CBD of Melbourne, particularly, where lanes have been very successfully re-adapted."

More retail shops opened seven days a week may go in to the buildings to boost the buildings' popularity.

Canberra CBD Limited chief executive Linda Staite told The Canberra Times:

"I think [the Melbourne and Sydney buildings] need to come alive, they need to have people walking around them. Retailers that are open during the day. There's nothing wrong with the nightclubs operating at night, but you'd like the shopfronts to be operating during the day."

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