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Important Artifact Discovered by Chance in Canberra

Friday April 10, 2009

Canberra's Australian War Memorial has an important relic in it found earlier this year by accident.

A set of Vietnam medals was washed up by storms that damaged the Lone Pine late last year.

Lee Taylor was holidaying with friends in Canberra early this year. The 22-year-old from Melbourne and his friends came out of the Australian War Memorial when he spotted what they first thought were toys from the gift shop in a pile of leaves by the side of the road.

Taylor told The Canberra Times, "I initially thought they might have been fake, the gift shop might sell little replicas like that for kids to play with."

He then realised they were far too heavy to be fakes, and took them to the Canberra memorial.

The memorial along with the Department of Veterans Affairs was able to identify the medals as belonging to the late Keith Roberts, of Melbourne.

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