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As A Natter Of Fact, It Scored Well

The Age

Monday April 21, 2008

Sue Nattrass - Sue Nattrass is a leading arts consultant.

BOUND for Canberra as a "summitee" of the Towards a Creative Australia stream, one of a plane full of fellow summitees with a sense of anticipation, hope and sense of privilege.

The creative stream had a pre-drinks session for a "dress rehearsal" before we joined those in the other streams for a getting-to-know-you session.

I spoke to a great range of people.


The official opening, truly inspiring welcome. We could feel the sum of the intelligence and experience in the room, the keenness to get started, and we had been inspired by young people of great values and integrity.

We broke into our streams and smaller working groups of 10 for the rest of the day, to come up with our themes and big ideas. Cate's little Iggy let us know he was there! A soothing evening continuing conversations, seeing the Turner to Monet Exhibition and a wonderful dinner accompanied by a string quartet.


A plenary panel session with participants from the summit and expats answering questions on what was distinctive for them about Australia, what they were proud of and embarrassed by, what we were good at as Australians, and what they wanted for 2020. The summit was a big success in developing big, positive ideas that can be translated into action - immediate and long term.

Sue Nattrass is a leading arts consultant.

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