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Another blow for embattled Panthers as date with Brisbane looms

Friday April 1, 2011
UNDER-FIRE Penrith have suffered a blow before tonight's clash with Brisbane, with Sam McKendry ruled out with a hip complaint. He will be replaced by Sarafu Fatiaki.

Veteran flyer celebrates 90 up for the RAAF

Friday April 1, 2011
A YAK 52 is a Soviet-era military training aircraft that makes perfect sense to Col Griffin. He is 91 and began flying similar machines when he was 20. For most of World War II he continued flying them defending Britain against Germany.

High achiever in her own right

Friday April 1, 2011

Brilliant Beale must conduct the orchestra with a touch of restraint

Friday April 1, 2011
A week ago I expressed my disappointment at Tahs fans booing their team. I got many lively responses from committed fans. While not changing my views, I hope the same group of fans was, one week later, cheering their team to victory, especially as the second half became tense. To win against the Brumbies is one thing - to do it in Canberra is worth cheering about.

Press veteran dies

Friday April 1, 2011
Alan Fitzgerald, a long-time member of the National Press Club, and its president from 1969 to 1971, has died. Born in 1935, Mr Fitzgerald joined the parliamentary press gallery in the 1960s. He worked for The Canberra Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Sunday Australian, The Sun-Herald, The Observer and 2CA. He also wrote several books and was later a senior public servant. He died of brain cancer, surrounded by family in Canberra.

NRL teams

Friday April 1, 2011
12-Rabbitohs v 6-Sea Eagles


Thursday March 31, 2011


Thursday March 31, 2011
DID anyone else note the irony of the placement in yesterday's Age of an article by Hugh Mackay about "parliamentary pillocks" above an article by our former treasurer, Peter Costello? Shauna Tansey, Beaconsfield Upper

Canberra to review GST split

Thursday March 31, 2011
THE Gillard government has responded to complaints from Victoria and other states by setting up a review of the way the GST is distributed between the states.

Australia failed India: US cables

Thursday March 31, 2011
JULIA Gillard's 2009 visit to India during a spate of attacks on Indian students in Australia was a "wasted opportunity" that secured only "vague commitments" and did nothing to quell rising anger in India, WikiLeaks cables reveal.

Invest to share in knowledge boom

Thursday March 31, 2011
GLYN Davis becomes Universities Australia chairman in May in the knowledge that the fight for funding has been a losing one for decades. Having pioneered the contentious Melbourne model, the Melbourne University vice-chancellor also isn't averse to change. Professor Davis intends to press the case for an increase in Commonwealth university funding and changes to HECS. The income-contingent loan scheme could be extended to TAFE, he says, and be adapted to help students with living costs, which have become an obstacle to study. He has a strong case, but so did his predecessors.

Ciraldo gains a break

Thursday March 31, 2011
KNIGHTS forward Cameron Ciraldo hopes to resume playing within two months after initially fearing he had suffered a career-ending injury at Brookvale Oval on Sunday.


Thursday March 31, 2011
April 1, 2008 St George Illawarra announce Wayne Bennett will take over from Nathan Brown in 2009 on a three-year deal.

Memories of have-nots Newcastle move pioneer to open up

Thursday March 31, 2011
HE was just a face in the crowd. Sitting on his own, taking it all in.

Judiciary smiles on Sea Eagle‚„s high shot

Thursday March 31, 2011
THE NRL ruled that Manly back-rower Glenn Stewart broke no rules with his tackle on Shannon McDonnell that knocked the Newcastle fullback senseless at Brookvale last Sunday.

New RAN ships sparkle with ros’

Wednesday March 30, 2011
SO what are pictures of a warship doing in a wine column?

Profile John Quiggin

Wednesday March 30, 2011
His mission is to finally kill off the "zombie" theories that haunt economics.

The Labor machine ends its days of power without glory

Wednesday March 30, 2011
In 16 years it delivered a stream of misfits to run the NSW government.

Senators suggest breaking up big supermarkets

Wednesday March 30, 2011
THE supermarket milk price war has prompted independent senator Nick Xenophon to suggest breaking up Coles and Woolworths be considered as a way to rein in their power over suppliers.

Protest underestimated

Wednesday March 30, 2011
Protest underestimated How can one-eyed writers like Tony Piana complain about the decent people at last Thursday's Canberra carbon dioxide protest, ("Gillard's protest signs disgusting", Mercury letters, March 26), while conveniently dismissing earlier protests by a rent-a-crowd from Get Up, where effigies of then Prime Minister John Howard were publicly burnt.

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