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Canberra jobs - use the search option above to find the latest jobs in and around Canberra.

You can apply online and browse through our comprehensive list of Canberra jobs and find a position perfect for you.

Canberra jobs come from a diverse range of industries and are available in its CBD and metro area, including inner, north, south and wider area.

Search Canberra jobs for a comprehensive list of employment opportunities in a wide range of industries. Just some of Canberra jobs available to you are in government and defense, administration and office support, banking and finance, IT telecommunication and engineering industries.

Because the Australian Federal Government is based in Canberra, many Canberra jobs available are with the Australian and ACT Governments. But the Canberra job private sector is also a major employment provider, making up more than half of Canberra jobs.

Canberra jobs offer attractive wages. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average full-time adult employee pay per week who has a job in Canberra is $1,215.5, compared to the national average of $1,043.00.

If you find yourself moving to Canberra for work then take a look at the wide selection of Canberra real estate available to rent or buy

Whatever industry you are in, moving to the Australian Capital Territory will see you with a Canberra job that will make you happy.

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