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Canberra Historic Buildings

Canberra is proud of its rich heritage, which is on view to see in the form of its historic buildings.

One of the most significant constructions is the Black Mountain Tower, complete with its breathtaking views, which serves as ACT's major communication facility.

For insight into life in Canberra back in the 1920s, visit Calthorpes' House, a great example of late 1920s architecture and its original furnishings and appliances gives you a peek into the way families lived in that time.

You can find more history about Canberra and Australia at large at the National Library of Australia, the largest reference library in the nation, which helps preserve documents to look after Australia's culture and heritage.

Law aficionados will enjoy the High Court of Australia - a grand building that offers you insight about how the greatest court in Australia operates.

And you can't leave Canberra without visiting the most important political buildings in the country - Parliament House and the Australian Museum of Democracy at Old Parliament House.

See where all the most important decisions for the country are made at the Parliament House and where they were made at the Old Parliament House, now known as the Australian Museum of Democracy at Old Parliament House, with its focus on democracy's importance in Australia and throughout the ages.

  • Black Mountain Tower (Telstra Tower) - Canberra's Black Mountain Tower, also known as the Telstra Tower, was built in 1980 at the top of Black Mountain. The tower rises 195metres high with a panoramic view of Canberra and its greater region.

  • Calthorpes House - Built in 1927, Calthorpes' House is a great example of early Canberra architecture and still exists in its original state with the same furnishishings and memorabilia including household applicances, clothing, toys and a pianola, which you can listen to being played by one of the house's guides.

  • High Court Of Australia - The High Court of Australia, situated on the Parliamentary Triangle between the National Gallery of Australia and the National Science and Technology Centre.

  • National Library Of Australia - The National Library of Australia focuses on protecting and preserving Australia's culture and heritage.

  • Old Parliament House - Upon arriving at the centre, you will discover more about how democratic principles relate to all aspects of life whether it is in politics, family or your local community.

  • Parliament House - You can visit the Parliament House situated in the Parliamentary Triangle in Canberra to get an insight into where all the most important decisions are made in the country.
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