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Where: Venues across Canberra

When: 7 May - 17 May 2009

The Canberra International Music Festival 2009 is set to be a gigantic musical affair. The festival will begin with the renowned opera Rites of Passage that was originally performed for the opening of the Sydney Opera House.

The Canberra festival will also include one of the most astounding vocal ensembles around, Rajaton from Finland.

A year of anniversaries, the Canberra International Music Festival will have the 350th birthday of Purcell, the 250th anniversary of Handel's death, the 200th birthday of Mendelssohn and death of Haydn.

Featuring at the Canberra music festival will be compositions by Sculthorpe, Grainger, Rachmaninoff, Mendelssohn and Kats-Chernin. More contemporary performances promise excitement with the use of a hot air balloon and visits to historic buildings around Canberra.

In partnership with the Los Angeles Symphony, the Canberra International Music Festival will end with an explosion of glorious sound with the Australian premiere of the Arvo Part Symphony No 4.

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